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Top 5 places to declare your love

Is it time to declare your love?

Now, you’re ready to share your love, your plans and your life with the right person. There are places where this unique moment will find the perfect setting to put a ring on one’s finger. Let us introduce you to some little treasures!


Breakfast at 3208m with a crazy sunrise at the “Pain de Sucre” summit

Your sensations are increased tenfold by the climb while it’s dark, you become one with the mountain. At the summit, you patiently wait for the first ray of sun; there are some things you just can’t rush. The emotion grips you as the sun gradually appears on the mountain peaks, warming your faces before flooding the valley… A 360° panorama, the scenery is breathtaking. Take a deep breath, now it’s your turn.

2. Lovers' Wood

Celebrating forbidden love in “Le Bois des Amoureux” (Lover’s wood)

If you’re into Romeo and Juliet’s forbidden love, then “Le Bois des Amoureux” is the place for you! Located between the villages of Molines and Saint-Véran, it is said that this pretty larch forest was once the scene of secret Protestant meetings and marriages, which is how it got its poetic name. 

3. The

Isn’t it fun under the snow in the “Plan de Phazy” hot pools

Imagine natural hot springs, in the open air, with water at 26°C in the middle of winter. The steaming pools reach out to you as the snowflakes silently fall around you. Like in a cocoon, the mist surrounds you, leaving you alone in the world. The sound of water drowns out the beating of your two hearts. Bring champagne flutes with you to drink “Amour de fraise”, a special poison made in the Queyras… to set the mood… Now you know what you need to do!


Sweet romance in a Michelin-star* gourmet restaurant

You can count on Virginie, your dining room host, and Sébastien in the kitchen, to help you make this moment exquisite in every way. “Les Tables de Gaspard” restaurant in Saint-Crépin is the perfect combination of refined cuisine and intimate ambience, in a charming vaulted room. The kind of place where time seems to stand still and you can savor the moment (and what’s in your plate). It’s the perfect setting for a sweet, savory declaration.

5. Saint-Véran Observatory

Stars in the eyes, for a night in the Château renard Observatory – Paul Felenbock

To get to this particular place on earth, you’ll have to climb till 3,000m of altitude, on foot or by bike in summer, or on snowshoes or skis in winter. The stage is set: far from any crowd, with zero light pollution, the celestial vault and an observatory perched along a ridge. Then night falls, and the magic happens…Settled under the dome, eyes riveted on the Milky Way, you rub shoulders with the stars, brush against them with your fingertips, feeling so small and so free at the same time… A unique experience, worthy of this moment that belongs to you alone.

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