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A dynamic mountain

The Queyras

all year round


It’s hidden somewhere in the southern Alps, protected by the Ecrins massif on one side and Italy on the other. From the Durance valley, you can reach it by bravely taking the road through the Guil gorges. In its untamed landscapes, you’ll find the Regional Nature Park treasures made of dialogue between Man and Nature. Welcomed with open arms in its seven villages, you’ll think “what warm Occitan people”, disoriented by their accent. And you’ll enjoy exploring its four colorful valleys. You’ll be blown away by the autumn’s illuminated larch forests and the winter’s “return from the East” special meteorological phenomenon. In summer you’ll see it all reflect in mirror lakes and see infinity from its peaks. In spring, let it lull you to sleep in its green pastures, and wake up to all it has to offer… This “it” is your oasis, a one called the Queyras. Come and meet with “it”.

A four-season experience

Autumn draws near. The larch trees are revealing their flamboyant colors. And soon, hikers, mountain bikers and others will stroll on the soft carpet made of pine needles. In the villages, you will feel the essence of a thousand-year-old know-hows, just by looking at chalets and how they were built (“fustes”, “rosettes”…). And if all this wood keeps you warms in winter, you’ll also be captured by the sparkling white outside. Snowshoeing, spatulas, sledging and dog sledding, the range of activities never stops surprising you. As an ice climber, you’ll also want to come back and watch the water trickle down in spring. A fragrance farandole fills the pickers’ baskets, the beekeepers’ hives and the cheese cellars. And let’s not forget skiers who continue to glide even after spring. Then there’s summer and the power of its torrents for kayakers and thermals for paragliders. 
Who will you be? What gives you a thrill ? 

Good to know

How do you pronounce Queyras?

Haaaa the French language and its subtleties! Yes, you say Queyras without pronoucing the s, while you say Abriès with the s pronounced, but not Molines or Ristolas… You’ll have to come back to practice regularly!

The Queyras' calendar

A four-season experience