Fontaine Pétrifiante 6Fontaine Pétrifiante 6
©Fontaine Pétrifiante 6|Norman lancelot

Petrifying fountain

A water doing us some good

With her draperies and large stone beak, some compare her to a monster or a dragon. It’s true, she is impressive. Especially in winter, when she reveals her icy fangs. Come and meet “her”!

Meet the Lady of Stone...

To see life in blue Réotier

I see her more like an old lady, mysterious and benevolent. You know, a lady who knows all the local secrets, who makes us feel good with strange elixirs. This great lady is both gentle and strong. Made of water and stone, sometimes ice. She imposes respect. It’s as if she’s been here forever. Proudly enthroned at the entrance to the Réotier village. She’s a watchwoman at the confluence of the Guil and Durance rivers, and a guardian at the edge of the Ecrins National Park. Personally, I think she watches over a kingdom.

Step by step, she reveals herself to you, majestic. To enhance her diaphanous complexion, she adorns herself in ivory and ochre. Bluish water trickles over the curves of her mineral skin. Does this invigorating encounter on a geological fault make you want to get to know her better? A few steps later, you’re standing on her shoulders. From here, you overlook the valley, the incredible panorama. Your gaze wanders as the Durance flows by. Not far away, you can see the Place Forte de Mont-Dauphin. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the view! Take off your shoes and enjoy the moment, your feet in the warm water. Ain’t life grand?

Since 2018, the famous cosmetics brand “l’Occitane” has been bringing you the benefits of the Réotier water with its highly moisturizing properties. A new range of calcium-rich products, called Aqua Réotier, offers you a combination of freshness and concentrated hydration. A real well-being cocktail for your skin! Who knows, maybe we’ve found the fountain of youth!

Crystal clear

Isn’t strange, this 21°C water coming out of the ground?! Try tasting it. Does it taste slightly salty? The recipe for this magic potion is 100% made in Réotier. Want to know how it works? Well, I’ll keep it short.

When it rains, water seeps deep into the ground. As it travels underground, it becomes loaded with minerals before gushing to the surface at the source of the Petrifying Fountain. As the water flows, the limestone deposit is transformed into stone draperies, like a made-to-measure dress that never ceases to evolve over time.

Not so crazy, these Romans!

They say that an ancient Roman road between Rome and Arles passed by the foot of the Petrifying Fountain, and that the Romans already worshipped here! Hundreds of coins have even been found there, deposited as offerings.


How do I get there?

Located on the right bank of the Phazy hot pools, at the foot of the village of Réotier. From the main road, head towards Réotier from the village of Eygliers Gare. A parking lot is provided on the left-hand side of the road. A pedestrian loop has been laid out in this remarkable biotope, now a Natura 2000 site, making it easy to get to the foot of the fountain in a baby carriage or wheelchair.