Target the Backcountry

If you yearn for the silent places and the wilderness, snowshoeing is the off-road solution for your winter vacation. Strap on a pair and the snow covered beauty of the Guillestrois and the Queyras are yours. On your own on secure itineraries or accompanied by a professional to plunge into the wilderness, you set the pace of your effort. Whether on a day trip or an extended tour you will be amazed.

The snowshoe

Invented to survive

First appearing over six thousand years ago, it became a mountain sport for everyone over the last one hundred years. You will move at leisure around the snow covered villages of the Guillestrois, browse the forested mountainsides or explore the vast network of pastoral trails. Wearing gaiters, alpine poles in hand, you will able to climb the perched ridges of the Queyras accompanied by a guide to elevate your awareness of risk prevention in the high mountains and
respect for wildlife.



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