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From snow to the Guillestre tulips
Je réserve

A colorful spring

While snow still lingers on the peaks, the mountains are slowly waking up, swapping their white coat for the soft green of meadows and young larch trees. The water bursting from lakes and rivers rivals with the blue of the sky. Marmots point their noses, announcing longer days to come. Like them, you have an appetite for sunshine, terrace meals and outings of all kinds. Festivals are blooming alongside the colorful alpine meadows, and it’s an exhilarating feeling to be back in the swing of things!

It’s the last chance for those who want to go ski touring on the summits, but the first hikers will easily invade the valleys, which is even easier from the Guillestrois villages. Fat biking is put aside in favor of mountain biking. Cyclists get back on the saddle to train and anticipate the mountain passes re-opening. Water-rafting, kayaking and other water sports all jump in the water, taking advantage of the melted snow and bubbling waters of the Durance and Guil rivers.

Good to know!

In spring, many restaurants close to recover from the intensity of the winter season, but you’ll always find a place to eat and feel welcomed in the Guillestrois and Queyras villages.

The tourist office will be able to tell you exactly which shops and restaurants are open.


Spring siesta

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