Plan de Phazy

Uncharted waters

Are you more into hot springs than crowds? Can’t remember the last time you took a break? It’s time to put a “therme” to this frantic pace! Say goodbye to stress and hello to the Plan de Phazy with its 26°C water year-round!

Take a break...

Feet in the water!

At the Guillestre entrance, away from the hustle and bustle of the town, there’s a miraculous spring. Set against the mountain, lost between vineyards and fields. Classified as a “Natura 2000” site, the “Plan de Phazy” offers you minimal facilities to relax in one of its four stone pools. A colorful haven of peace, where the blue and green of the water mingle with the ochre of the soil. A moment to catch your breath, immersed in naturally warm water. A mini-treatment in the heart of nature.

Far from chlorinated pools, the “Plan de Phazy” hot springs offer you a concentrate of benefits with their naturally mineral-rich waters. Their therapeutic virtues have been recognized for centuries! The calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron they contain make them a real health cocktail. While you’re filling up on vitamin D and basking in the sun, spring water takes care of your skin and joints. You should try it after a hard day hiking, when your muscles are tired and your batteries a little flat! Well, we’re not promising you a second youth, but a good dose of freshness and energy!

Are you game or not?

The best time to go is in winter! When it’s cold outside, and the steaming springs are surrounded by snow. It’s a place that exudes a fairytale atmosphere. A bit fantastical, unreal. What a pleasure to lie in the hot baths when the mercury is at its lowest. Do you want to roll around in the snow before returning to the warmth of the pools?

We tested for you

Valentine’s Day in hot baths under the snow

Hot water and a glass of “Amour de fraise du Queyras” (a local beverage) to raise the mercury a little while snowflakes fall on you… So romantic! Definitely one of our top 5 ways to declare your love.

Not far from here

The Petrifying Fountain

As she never ceases to amaze us, Mother Nature has endowed the Plan de Phazy springs with a sister. No hot baths this time, but a sumptuous waterfall made of limestone draperies, where the water is slightly colder and its fragility forces you to admire it on our two feet – swimming is forbidden.

The sea in the mountains

Overflowing with minerals and quite salty, the water in the Plan de Phazy is an ideal environment for numerous maritime plants, such as the Atropis Fasciculé and the Spergulaire Maritime. These fragile species, accustomed to the seaside, have decided to treat themselves to a bit of altitude and a breath of fresh air thanks to the warmth and salinity of the water! To raise our awareness and encourage ourselves to protect this small ecosystem, the site has been classified Natura 2000. It’s up to us to watch where we put our feet!


How do I get there?

The three access points to Plan de Phazy

  • FromGuillestre: Take the D902, at the Intermarché round about, take the 3rd exit (D86A) and follow it for 800m, the road to Plan de Phazy will be on your left.
  • If you’re coming from Embrun: On the RN94, after passing Saint Clément sur Durance, follow a straight road. You’ll see the Plan de Phazy rotunda on your right. Take the road to the right (D86A), and a small road will be signposted on your right.
  • If you’re coming from Briançon: Via the RN94, after passing  the Eygliers village and over the bridge above the Guil, take the direction of Guillestre at the round about; at the next round about, take the 1st exit on the right, follow it for 800m, and the road to Plan de Phazy will be on your left.

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