Dégustation De Fromage De ChèvreDégustation De Fromage De Chèvre
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Gourmet valleys

Make your mouth water

Eating well is essential. A land of flavors and know-hows, the Queyras and Guillestrois are brimming with specialties born from decades of living in altitude. Our know-hows have been honed over the centuries to delight both gourmets and greedy people. The flavors of our cheeses and jams combine with freshly baked bread, while the smell of mulled wine tickles your nostrils. A pleasure for all the senses.

Our gourmet treasures

Want to know all the secrets behind our products? Our craftsmen and producers invite you to share their terroir knowledge and its magnification, to discover the taste of “the real things”. During a pick-your-own tour, a cooking workshop, or a visit in our production facilities, they’ll show you behind the scenes, and invite you to share a slice of their lives.

The mulled wine recipe

To warm up in the depths of winter, there’s nothing like a traditional mulled wine! For a non-alcoholic version, choose a good apple juice from the Hautes-Alpes. As for spices, you’ll need the basics: cinnamon, cloves and star anise. If you like strong flavors, you can add ginger. To make life easier, there are even ready-to-use mixes, made in Queyras. Cook over a low heat for around twenty minutes. Add a little sugar and a few orange slices, and you’re ready to go. Enjoy!

Pure gourmet emotions

Food lovers beware! Here are a few addresses that will be like heaven on earth for you! A feast for the eyes and taste buds. These special places tell the story of the people who live here, and illustrate the diversity and richness of our mountain produce.

A trip to Italy

Just a few kilometers away, the flavors of Italy await you. Here, you’ll find unavoidables such as honey, cured meats and cheeses, and, of course, pasta. But you might be surprised by a few new discoveries, like Seirass del Fen. This tasty ricotta cheese made from a variety of milks can be enjoyed with fresh pasta, or as a desert with blueberries or elderberries. Not forgetting a drop of limoncello to warm your heart with its southern notes. I’m already salivating!

The “Valeurs Parc” brand

A few years ago, the Regional Natural Park created the “Valeurs Parc” brand. This label helps you identify artisans and producers who attach a particular importance to the values upheld by this territory, notably environmental protection and respect for people. Today, no fewer than 27 Queyras enthusiasts are committed to responsible craftsmanship through their expertise and know-how.

The Queyras blue cheese

A specialty of our artisan cheesemakers, its production is a secret they are proud to share. It’s impossible to go through the Queyras without tasting it! Whether on a cheese platter with bread, in a gratin with ravioli, or melted over meat, here you’ll find blue cheese in every sauce!

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