From Indian summer to the first snowfall

The crocus in the fields...

The end of summer's come

Villages become quieter, favorable to meeting and chatting over a coffee on the terrace. Snow remains discreet and when it appears goes no further than the summits, leaving you free to enjoy this natural setting. Sometimes soft, sometimes intense, different daylights illuminate the trees changing colors, a fire-color patchwork that lights-up the mountain. The suave warmth of the sun on your face, the fresh wind in your hair, and these wide-open spaces all to yourself. Like Norway, like Canada. The harvest promises to be delicious! Raspberries, blueberries and sea buckthorn will add acidity to your day. An invitation to live at the nature’s pace. Slow down and contemplate.

Good to know!

Autumn is often a time where people who live off tourism take a vacation, a time for themselves and their families. Some businesses will be closed, but stay assured that every village will be ready to welcome you. You’ll always find a warm and welcoming place to stay and dine in our perched valleys.

Living well,

Eating well!

Autumn is a perfect time to meet our producers. They’re always available to share their knowledge and know-hows with pleasure and passion.

the autumn anthem

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