The Eygliers Lake

A place of entertainment

Not far from here, there’s an oasis of coolness, like a shared secret. At the foot of the Mont-Dauphin stronghold, not far from the Petrifying Fountain in Réotier, the Eygliers lake invites you to relax. A refreshing swim, a nap on the grass, an impromptu picnic, a SUP tour… Whether you come for an hour or a day, there’s always a good reason to go there.

A mountain oasis

On the banks of the Durance, with its unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains and the rocky spur of Mont-Dauphin, the Eygliers lake is a site to cool off. A place dedicated to siesta and pleasure, where has kept its simplicity. Its well thought-out layout makes it an easy access, a natural spot where you can recharge your batteries and have fun. Here, birds and fish cohabit peacefully with bathers. They too want to enjoy the exceptional quality of the water. Whether you come here for a swim or a stroll, to sunbathe or read, meditate or run, the lake brings you together through the good vibes it exudes and the pleasure you get from being here.

In the shade of a tree

Far from the crowded beaches of the Côte d’Azur, the Eygliers leisure park is large enough for everyone to find a spot and enjoy it in complete tranquility. There’s no need to spend hours trying to figure out where to put your towel – there’s plenty of space. In the shade of the trees, lulled by the sound of the wind, or in the sun that warms our hearts and bodies. In the hustle and bustle of supervised beaches, with its shallow waters perfectly suited to little ones, or in the calm of the more intimate shores. On one of the picnic tables for a family meal, or on the terrace of one of the two restaurants for a lazy afternoon, between two explorations of the “pirate island” that the children will be eager to discover.

The 2 popular activities at the lake

In addition to little hikes around the lake and along the Durance River, there’s plenty to do on site. Not forgetting the traditional diving and ricochet contests, pétanque and molkky games.


The lake’s water is tested every year to ensure optimum bathing quality. The bonus for families? One of the beaches is supervised by the fire department during the height of summer.

Kayak and SUP rentals…

Canoeing, kayaking, pedal-boating, SUP-boarding… there’s no limit to the number of ways you can explore the lake!

A kayak boarding spot

If the water’s not lively enough for you, I’ve got another idea! The waters of the Durance river are yours. Kayak, raft, “hot dog”, choose your craft and get in the water. Our river professionals will be happy to guide you and advise you on the nearest boarding areas. Are you ready to take on the rapids?

Things to do in Eygliers


How about a break in the shade of the trees, to put your skills and precision to a test?

Tree climbing

Designed for children and even toddlers, this is a great opportunity for them to play with the sensation of height in a gentle way.

Amusement Park

Trampolines, merry-go-rounds, waterslides, sandpits and other games make this park a paradise for little ones.

Horse & pony rides

Whether on horseback for adults or on a pony for the younger ones, there are plenty of trails to explore the surroundings.

And in winter?

In autumn, the lake gets calmer. Its light becomes softer. It’s a must-see in the late afternoon, when the sun sublimates its copper and gold colors. The less chilly still jump into the water to extend their summer. Birds are the last to leave, enjoying a final dip before flying off to other latitudes. In winter, the water turns to ice. Swimming gives way to contemplative strolls and pétanque games. Faces bask in the comforting rays of the sun. And already the days are getting longer. Soon the birds will return, heralding the return of fine weather, sorbets and bathing suits.

All practical information

Would you like to enjoy an evening swim after a good excursion day without having to rush? Why not pitch a tent and unpack your suitcase at the Eygliers Lake campsite? Far from the road but easy to get to, with a mini-market on site, this is a very convenient place to rest (and relax). Not far from the train station, it’s also a good solution if you’re a pedestrian!

Fishing fan? The Eygliers lake has a dock for the disabled, accessible to all, so you can fish in peace and quiet, away from the busiest bathing areas. Are you biting?


How do I get there?

From the RN94 road

  • On the RN94 from Guillestre or Embrun, turn left at the entrance of the Eygliers train station, in the direction of Réotier. A little further on, cross the railroad line, and at the the fork in the road, turn slightly right, then straight on.
  • On the RN94 from Briançon, turn right at the first intersection at the entrance to the village of  the Eygliers train station, cross the railroad line, and this time turn left at the the fork in the road.