The Wizard

Beyond the forest, Saint-Anne lake, perched at an altitude of 2414 meters, stands out for its mineral atmosphere, so close to its neighbor Mirror Lake, and yet so different. Nestled in an ice circus at the foot of the Queyras summits, it is dominated by the 3385-metre-high Font Sancte Peak. Will your eyes (and your toes) immerse into the turquoise-blue water of Saint-Anne Lake?

A nature break

A hiking paradise in summer, a kingdom of silence in winter. Season after season, Saint-Anne reveals a new face. A mountain lake in shades of blue, then white until spring returns. Covered in a snow blanket, you discover it on snowshoes, a cocoon of absorbent cotton marked by the footprints left by its inhabitants. Its thick icy layer still holds out against the first warmth of spring, a subtle marriage of seasons between stubborn “névés” (the left parts of snow) and verdant meadows. In fine weather, extend your ascent to the Girardin Pass. Take in the panoramic view of the Ecrins and the cerulean-blue lake.

Good to know!

The Saint-Anne Lake pilgrimage takes place every July 26. The procession starts from the village of Ceillac. The locals are very attached to this tradition, going on since 1699. For the 11 a.m. mass, the Ceillac procession joins the one that starts from the hamlet of Maljasset, in the commune of Saint-Paul sur Ubaye.

Canadian Panorama...

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How do I get there?

Walk to discover Saint-Anne Lake

  • Ascent: from Chaurionde parking lot – 500 metres
  • Walking time: approx. 2 hours

There are several ways to reach this azure-blue jewel:

  • The usual access is on foot from the Chaurionde parking lot at the bottom of the Mélézet valley.
  • Are you tempted to try Mirror before discovering Ste Anne Lake? Start your hike from the parking lot at the foot of the Mélézet.
  • You can also set off on foot from the village, taking the GR5 from the Ubac bridge.