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My enchanted interlude

Take a moment to breathe! It’s time to surrender… to the gentle, expert hands of a healing land… To rediscover what’s essential: absolute relaxation!

Fairy hands massages!

Ah … to let loose and trust the relaxing power of wellness or therapeutic massages is to take a break for the body and mind, often beat up in our daily lives. It’s a chance to benefit from ancestral Indian or Chinese techniques for deep relaxation. It’s an opportunity to recuperate evaporated energy and set off to conquer the summits, ski down the slopes or just admire the scenery!

Not to be missed!

Discover the “Plan de Phazy” hot spring, a miraculous water at the foot of the mountain! Take advantage of its four stone pools to relax in a 26 degrees water all year round. It’s the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries. Its therapeutic virtues have been known for centuries and will take care of your skin and joints. Ideal after a good hike and even in winter under the snow!



Just about almost every activity messes up with your hair : skiing, hiking, rafting or climbing…or because of the wind, or because you’re wearing a helmet! No problem, we’ve got the remedy! You’ll be in good hands with of our hair specialists! Or you can choose another special treat : exfoliation, peeling, masks and other beauty treatments for precious minutes of happiness!