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Activities in Chateau Ville Vieille

Are you looking for year-round mountain adventures? Just the thing, at Château Ville Vieille, we’ve got activities for all seasons!

In winter, we offer snowshoeing and ski touring. In spring and autumn, it’s the ideal season to embark on long, contemplative hikes. You’ll be able to admire the incredible colors of nature as it wakes up or prepares for winter. We’ll even take you mountain biking on our marked trails to get your heart racing.
In summer, you can take advantage of the Guil to recharge your batteries and take up yoga. And for the more adventurous, we’ve got rafting or via ferrata for guaranteed thrills!
All year round, we organize festive events to help you discover the local culture and spend unforgettable moments with the people of Château Ville Vieille.

So, what are you waiting for to come and discover all you can do at Château Ville Vieille? We promise you top-notch activities, crazy landscapes and a friendly atmosphere to match!

Activities in our other Villages

Our territory boasts several villages just a stone’s throw away. Let your curiosity be your guide and discover new activities along with our villages. Looking for a sporting activity in Ceillac? A cultural activity in Guillestre? Rafting in Château Ville Vieille? You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our selection.