Events in the Guillestrois & Queyras

Many cultural and sport events punctuate each season in the Guillestrois and Queyras regions. Trail, cross-country or ski touring races, music, astronomy or children’s festivals, they’ll make you discover the region and allow you to challenge yourself, marvel or simply have fun.


This cultural and agricultural festival has been held at the Guillestre Youth Hostel for several years now! It’s an opportunity to discover local know-hows, question your diet and enjoy a feast in the evening. It’s a events’ weekend marked by key moments and a famous farmers’ market. The festival also features a multitude of exhibitions, workshops, stands, shows and concerts.

Each June, at the beginning of summer, four days of good humor, musical joy and cheese tastings come swinging down from the peaks, with jazz, blues, gospel and boogie sounds intermingling.

Passionate or curious about astronomy? “Rencontre en ciel pure”, brings young and old ones together in Saint-Véran, around a new astro theme each year. Workshops, daytime and night-time observations, guided tours of “the Maison du Soleil”… There’s something for all ages and all levels of knowledge! Science journalist Matthieu Vidard hosts two round-table discussions with scientists from leading research laboratories in France and around the world.

Under the colors of world music, the Musi’Queyras Festival has already been running for over 30 years. Over 90 artists come from all over the world to take part in the festival, giving festival-goers the chance to meet new people, share emotions and celebrate. Master classes and concerts from the Abriès-Ristolas village will take you across the world!

Musicales Guil & Durance

A musical adventure off the beaten tracks, with acoustic concerts blending world and classical music in a unique heritage setting: Mont-Dauphin, the monument village!

A multi-concert music festival, each year featuring a variety of musical works to suit different sensibilities. Renowned artists come to perform in the confines of the Haut-Guil, with passion!

Vertical Summer

From its big rock, the Mont-Dauphin Vauban fortress, encircled by mountains, offers an exceptional stage for the Vertical’été dance festival, where each performance takes on a unique dimension in the work of Vauban!

THE 100% family festival in the Hautes-Alpes! With endless laughters, breathtaking shows and unexpected encounters, the “Potes de Marmottes festival” (Marmot buddies festival) guarantees unforgettable family moments! (or between buddies!)

Nature Connexion

A new event in the heart of the Guillestrois and Queyras regions, inviting you to listen to Nature and reconnect with what’s essential…A truly enchanted interlude, you’ll be able to attend conferences, share experiences, explore workshops, sensory walks and artistic encounters. All in a convivial atmosphere favorable for getting back to basics.

Crossing the Queyras

Departing from Abriès-Ristolas, the Queyras Crossing is one of France’s leading long-distance cross-country ski races. A popular race, open to all, it will soon be 40 years old! Different distances for each different edition.

Queyras flex

The Queyras Flex is a gathering of happy tele markers in the Queyras! Colorful, masquerade costume and good humor guaranteed, a real moment of sharing, laughter and genuflection on the Molines-en-Queyras alpine domain!

Grand Beal

The Grand Béal is one of France’s oldest ski mountaineering races, after the Pierra Menta one! At the end of each winter season, it offers a wild race in an exceptional mountain environment…

Izoard and Agnel dedicated passes

Closed to traffic, the mountain roads and legendary passes of the Guillestrois and Queyras are reserved for cyclists. This will give you the freedom to reach the Izoard and Agnel passes!

The Guillestrois-Queyras Grand Raid

At the crossroads of the Guillestrois and Queyras villages, Europe’s highest trail offers an exceptional running environment. A paradise of footpaths, you’ll be able to cover many kilometers, discovering several peaks and passes, splendid panoramas and a fabulous mountain setting.

Trail des Étoiles

Starting from Molines-en-Queyras, you’ll put your sneakers on towards Queyrassin mountain trails, ending up at the halfway point at Pic Caramantran, at an altitude of over 3,000 m! This Franco-Italian Trail is open to all those who love the great outdoors, but also to those who are curious to discover our environment and the Saint-Véran village, the highest village in Europe.

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