Enduro Bike Parkn Abriès Ristolas 2Enduro Bike Parkn Abriès Ristolas 2
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A bed of roses!
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Nestled beneath the larch trees of the Abriès resort, enduro trails have been specially designed for you. Real downhill pros have come up with a dozen routes of pure fun, with banked turns, aerial bridges and demonic jumps. Whether you want to try out the worst tricks or just roll down a peaceful singletrack, bring your bike or rent one on site – it’s “ZE place to be”.

Don't chicken out

Climb up for a better way down

Your bike, suspended from the Gilly chairlift, is already taking the slope’s temperature. You can barely see the slopes, subtly hidden by vegetation. So the mystery still remains when, seven minutes later, you raise the guardrail, having arrived 500 metres higher.

Newcomers and kids generally start with “the green ride” (la Verte) . The singletrack winds its way comfortably through larches and then meadows. Second passage, “the blue ride” (la Bleue). Just as pretty, it’s more serious, with a bit of climbing. Then it’s on “the red ride”(la Rouge), which is pretty enchanting. On “the black ride” (la Noire), which is almost a direct line, with a few escape jumps, you’re among the initiates. There’s enough here to keep you going for an entire summer!

For downhill fanatics

Where the Abriès Enduro Park really has something to surprise you with, is that it doesn’t stop there. Far from it. Our team have mapped out six other major itineraries that are well worth the effort. And unlike the first four, they can’t be reached by taking the chairlift… You’re going to have to go the extra mile to climb the 350 metres up to the “Collette de Gilly”. This will open the door to a little paradise: the Valpréveyre valley and its miles of signposted single tracks. Of course, you’ll do fewer rotations per day. But every descent will be a real journey. And if you want to find out more, don’t hesitate to talk to the patrollers who guide the site – they’ve got a wealth of information to share with you!


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Enduro Park and nature area.
Enduro Park and nature area.
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